Work is the curse of the drinking classes.”

Oscar Wilde

If you've not yet visited the Duke , we're partial to a quote or two! 


As well as quotes, we like clocks (see the men's loos) but most of all we like Beer! 


For instance, most of our cask ales are available from both straight from the cask or from the hand pump affording you the choice of a crisper, more traditional pour (barrel) or a more lively pint which has been agitated coming through the line giving you that lovely creamy head on top (hand pump). We say "most" because our XX Mild is only served straight from the cask- a truly traditional pint which is hugely popular with our locals. 


In addition to Greene King's IPA (3.6%) & XX Mild (3%), there are guest ales which change after each barrel allowing keen ale drinkers to try beers from different breweries all over the country


Our draught lagers; Fosters, San Miguel & Kronenbourg offer the lager drinker a great choice


Lastly we also offer Guinness (both regular & extra cold) Aspalls, Camden Pale Ale & Boddingtons







Gift vouchers are available to purchase by phone and in person. Please contact us for more details

Crisp & Clear

Traditional pint in a traditional pub